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10 Unconventional Uses for GPS

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GPS also known as Global Positioning System is a satellite-based routing system become popular in the modern days by huge importance of assistance in various critical situations. The GPS is extremely helpful at any time and from anywhere to locate the path and search for anything without difficulty, but only need of strong internet connection. Here, you can check out 10 unconventional GPS uses in the following:

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10 unconventional GPS uses:- 

Avoid attacks from sharks 

The GPS is now useful to explore the shark while it gets closer to the seashore that alarm alerts the lifeguards and quickly let the people quickly escape from the water. The main aim of tagging and getting new details about the mysterious sea species has to make sure behaviour and movements. You can simply track the tagged shark’s movement with the help of GPS.

Track stolen pharmacies 

The thieves and other criminals target the drugstores to grab the oxycodone best painkiller famous on the reproduce market for non-restorative usage and trade under certain brands like oxycontin. The police stuffed pharmacies with a copy of oxycodone containers covering GPS beacons makes the investigators easier one to track criminals.

Art of mobile performance 

Michael Wallace Baltimore artist emerges way to change the city with Etch-a- Sketch for electronic drawings. Wallace also utilizes name as WallyGPX rides their bide all over with equipped GPS tracker along with navigating application that sketched on the computerized map with their movements.

Explores hidden cats lives in house 

What the cat does while you in or go outside? The North Carolina scientists made above 1,000 felines to get the answer for the queries by GPS tracking with empowered transmitters will enable them to follow the growth of open-air catlikes easily.

Locate regular run cruise ship 

Many sites where you follow the cruise ship movements on diverse journeys. The GPS tracking system helps to track the movements of the boat and handle the boat oceans easier without trouble anymore.

Routing driverless cars 

Creativities have been envisaging driverless autos for a longer period without trouble and explore safely stress with the GPS system. The brilliant technology gives support much to various modern inventions.

STD prevention and anticonception medication 

In several nations the public health authorities eager to acquire teenaged individuals to use condoms to prevent sexually transmitted diseases or unwanted pregnancies. They understand those teenaged individuals outrageous to the use of contemporary technology of mobile phones. The authorities would try to use the GPS empowered mobile applications easily contact them.

GPS assist Alzheimer’s 

The Alzheimers disease growing numbers too many elderly people as well dementia. Besides, the caregiver makes their task simpler time reach advance by the use of GPS technology by inserting the tracking device in the patient’s shoes. The caregiver can make a call at any time and get wearers location easily as well send alarm while the wearer crosses the designated region.

Protect nativity scene figure 

The GPS tracking device technology provides the security to the churches and some other religious organizations without charge. It sends email or text message figurine’s owner that let her know signal so easier for police track thieves.

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