5 Surprising Things That Hurt Your Heart

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Many people have a thought of following a good diet and doing exercise regularly just enough lead to healthy living. However, some factors still involved making you lead a healthy life. Surprisingly, you would never expect these things affect your health, especially your heart. When you consult a doctor regarding the risk of heart disease, they will give advice such as follow a healthy diet, manage weight, exercise daily, do not smoke, and manage your stress. However, some less well-known facts can hurt your heart a lot, and they are:

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1. Sleep duration
2. Sitting
3. Dental health
4. Snoring
5. Loneliness

List of things that hurt your heart: 

You will surely get confused while reading these five things, which hurt your heart. Probably, you will never hear these things affect your heart. Here, you can see how those surprising things affect your heart health in detail.

Sleep duration: 

Do you know? Subpar shut-eye has heart risks. In 2010, a study conducted by the Warwick Medical School in the UK. The study showed that not only insufficient sleep affects your cardiovascular health, but too much sleep can be harmful also. If you sleep less than five hours or more than nine hours, then both are associated with the increased heart risk.


When you spend more time on sitting, it will increase the risk of all-cause mortality and die from cardiovascular disease. Even though your work lets you sit in a particular place for a long time, you can make schedule standing or walking breaks from your office chair. When you sit for a long time, it can decrease your blood flow and reduce efficiency in turning blood sugar into energy.

Dental health: 

Do you believe that unhealthy gums link to heart disease? Of course, it is true based on some research. You can even ask how it possible? When there is an excess plaque in your mouth, it inflames gum tissues and this condition called as periodontitis. In this condition, it might transfer icky mouth bacteria into the blood stream. Experts say that they require more study to confirm this fact. However, it never hurts to floss and see your dentists often.


Many of you think snoring is just a simple thing but actually, it indicates a serious health issue. Those who snore have thickening walls in the carotid artery that raise chances of heart attack and stroke. People who have sleep apnea in which a snorer stops breathing continuously, they are also at elevated risk of heart problems.


Yes, loneliness is also one of the aspects that hurt your heart a lot, but you would never know it. Isolated individuals develop heart stroke, and heart diseases at a rate nearly 1\3rd higher than their partnered or more social peers do. Some of the possible reasons are those living alone could be more prone to smoke, bad eating habit, avoid exercise or not seek proper health care when sick.

Other factors that affect your health: 

Above-mentioned are some important aspects that hurt your health, but there are many things silently hurt your cardiovascular health. Here is the list of some other factor affect your heart health.

• Air pollution
• Weather
• Stress
• Shift work
• Watching TV
• Doing too much exercise

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