Help Your Kids Build Good Motor Skills

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Encouraging the little ones to build fine motor skills while they are still young will be very useful in the long run. There are a lot of different ways you can help with this, so continue reading if you are interested to learn just how to help your kids develop good motor skills.

ImageThere are also a bunch of toys that could help your kids strengthen their motor skills. For example, you can purchase pull along wagon at Step2 Direct, or at your local toy store, and that will allow your kids to strengthen their physical abilities while being able to have fun. Just keep in mind that you should purchase toys that are age appropriate. 

Toddlers usually enjoy playing with pull-toys and those help their motor skills

The importance of motor skills

We all know that gross motor skills allow our kids to perform necessary daily tasks, such as use hands, get out of bed, get down to eat breakfast and so on, depending on where and how you live. The fine motor skills will help them increase independence in smaller areas, such as being able to brush their teeth, open doors, wash hands… etc.

Principle of grasping

You can teach your child to pick up smaller things from the beginning, like his/her toys, cheerios and so on, and help them use their thumb and forefinger. You could stuff an empty baby-wipe container and help them pull everything out.

Filling and dumping

If you are able to teach your kids how to load and dump things, the toy box will never be empty. It is very important to teach them not only about this, but the importance of cleaning up after they are done with their toys. Create a toy box, and help them clean up, and after a while allowing them to do so on their own, by collecting all the toys and dumping them in the box.


To help your children progress even further, you need to improve their grabbing and wrist stability, and that can be done if they place blocks and build a tower without it falling. Large wooden toys are the best for toddlers, and before getting any toys, make sure they are appropriate for your child’s age.

Get creative!

Another very important aspect is to allow your kids to get creative. Buy them a coloring set, or check out the best kids craft table at Step2 Direct. There are plenty of ways to encourage your kids to use their imagination, from coloring a book to drawing or creating their own story. You could play dress up, and allow your kids to play pretend with each other instead!

Encourage your kids to get creative by getting them a good art board or table

Be patient

One of the most important things is to be patient while teaching your kids these things. Keep in mind that the whole world is still new to them, which means that they have never experienced what they will experience now for the first time. Give them time to get used to grabbing things and creating their own stories!

Final word

Building the basic skills of your kids from a very early stage is very important, and as it was previously mentioned, you need to be patients. Some kids take longer to understand some concepts, and that is nothing to be concerned about. Allow them to explore, and find some things on their own, you should not always try to help them out, because sometimes they need to figure things out on their own!

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