Hyperloop Much Closer To Becoming a Reality

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Popularly cited as a cross between a Concorde, a rail gun, and an air hockey table, Hyperloop is in the news yet again. Elon Musk tweeted that he was given a verbal government approval to construct the most anticipated Hyperloop transit network that is planned to connect the cities of New York, Baltimore, Philadelphia and Washington DC. The proposed project reduces the transit time between New York and Washington DC to about 29 minutes against 3-4 hours taken by train and bus currently. Musk also said that plans are set for a loop between Los Angeles and San Francisco as well as Texas. The business magnate later acknowledged in his tweet that a lot of work was needed to receive formal approval from the government and was optimistic about getting that done rapidly. A White House spokesperson later stated that it believes ingenuity and drive of the private sector result in innovative development and assured about being positive about the project.

The construction of the tunnels for the Hyperloop project is run through Musk’s tunnelling venture called ‘The Boring Company’. The venture is aimed at creating a network of tunnels that use Hyperloop as a conveyance option to transport goods on sledges and offer transport options for cargo, cars and others. It initially began tunnelling in the parking lot of his Space X’s office. This demonstrated the implementation of new technology to dig through faster and in a more efficient manner than the prevailing traditional methods. As the digging process is notoriously expensive, the Boring Company is in the process of invention of the machine that can dig the tunnel and do reinforcement on the wall at the same time.

Hyperloop Much Closer To Becoming a Reality

The project involves stops that connect each city centre with many other entries and exit elevators located within each city. Hyperloop is said to be a project that will use technology to transform communities by having a physical transportation globalising effect similar to the impact that internet and broadband had on digital communications. It is also said to have an enormous social and economic impact by cutting down the transit time between communities. Released as an open-source white paper in 2013 by Elon Musk, today he has called up engineers and scientists to come up with the most effective plan for the project. He has been releasing photos and concept videos of Hyperloop on various social networking platforms. It is basically an electric stake or capsule that shuttles people and goods at a speed of 700mph through the underground tunnel.

In one of his recent talks, Musk noted about this unique venture that oddly enough it was kind of like a little low-stress activity as everyone is expecting them to fail. As a further step in the Hyperloop project, the organisation has to hold discussions with the authorities of the cities that are under consideration for the project. For being an ‘unproven’ technology, Hyperloop still has a long way to go and many obstructions to be tackled before being implemented. However, the authorities of Washington DC and Baltimore seem to be excited and positive about this futuristic venture. They also seek to provide their cities with a new prospect in terms of opportunities and development.


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