Technology and its pace of improvement in the country

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Technology is one of the key areas of whose index not only reflects the country image as the emerging land of technology advancement but also it helps the firm to make it prominent image in the society and in the world. Today technology can’t be segregated from the economic of a country because today it considered as a key factor in evaluating the country position, economic and its advancement in the world of digitization and technology. The concept of technology started to evolve during the 18th century when the world was under the grasp of the industrial revolution. Technology is one of the most powerful tools that makes a country competent and potent whether in respect to infrastructure or developing modern tools for medical science, warfare, telecommunications etc. Thus, this is the reason why technology In normal people life plays a vital role in reducing the communication gaps through mobile phones, reducing the stress of housewives through innovation of technology based kitchen appliances etc.

Technology advancement is the most vital concept as per today world objectives is concerned and however, there are many countries who are taking necessary steps to introduce modern and innovative technology and make it useful in the normal day to day lives. The people have become so much do dependent on technology that even for a simple work they are applying or using technology in it. By this, we can say that technology has made people less laborious and lazy because without that they can’t move a single piece. Notwithstanding the truth, that human beings introduce technologies and its application, but now whether it has become a bane or boon it is clearly visible with the wide range of uses of technology.

India as giant technology booster

The trends are likewise same for India, technology has gained the importance and likeliness wherever it has implemented. Today India is one of the fastest developing countries in the world with some latest development in the field of science and tech. India has one of finest and affordable space centerISRO who has made a significant contribution in manufacturing less cost effective space shuttle and satellite as compared to the NASA or other space Association located in a different country. India has been delivering quality in its innovation and creation of HYV seeds, fights the global warming, reduce the effectiveness of some crucial diseases and treatment. The country is making use of every possible application of technology this year is rising as the massive land for the 4G development by the giant telecom companies. The initiative of Digital India has boosted the technology advancement. India also has launched its own UPI, BHEEM app and other commercial uses app so that the people become more habitual with the technology and make India a Cashless country.

However, technology is playing a crucial role in making one’s life easier and task simpler. There is nothing left to uncover technology have deeply sown in one’s normal life whether it is posting real life story on social media or making payment by using UPI or any other online payment options. There are some pages which are still left to be read. The day is not far when robots will replace human and will take control of most of the matter.

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