US has stopped $ 350 Million Aid to Pakistan as they haven’t taken sufficient steps to act against Haqqani Network

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Washington: The Trump Government has finally acted against Pakistan by blocking the outlay of 350 Million Dollars aid to Pakistan. Jim Mattis (US Defence Secretary) has told the Congress that the reason behind blocking the aid is that Islamabad even after numerous warnings hadn’t taken adequate steps against the Afghan guerilla insurgent group called The Haqqani Network.

The State Department was left with no choice and had to finally take this decision. While presenting the annual; report on terrorism the department has named Pakistan among the regions and countries that provide “safe havens” to arsonists and terrorists.

As per National Defense Authorization Act for FY 2016, Pentagon has taken this decision to stop military reimbursement to Pakistan as Pakistan has not certified the actions it has taken against the Haqqani Network.

As per Reuters, India’s Prime Minister meeting with Donald Trump has influenced this decision as in the last UN meeting, the US has made its stand clear that it is India who has suffered from terrorism the most in recent years.

The US Defense Department launched this program named CSF (Coalition Support Fund). Through this program, Defense Department reimburses its allies a fund to support counter-insurgency and counter-terrorist operations. Pakistan, on the other hand, has not taken any actions and has not reported the same. Therefore, Mattis on Friday announced that it will not continue the aid to Pakistan.

The aid though is now conditional as if Islamabad shows some sort of satisfactory progress in this regard and assures that it will use this aid to fight terrorism only then they will be receiving any further aid. Congress through this step has taken one step forward and has indirectly told Pakistan that they will not take any further betrayal from Pakistan and if they don’t stop terror activities in Pakistan they will probably name Pakistan a terror state and will start boycotting Pakistan at the global stage.

Since Pakistan has failed to report the military actions that they have taken to counter terrorism this funding has to be stopped and will not stand eligible for any further aid if at the earliest they don’t submit a proper report of the action that Pakistan military has taken against the Haqqani Network.

It s a well-known fact that the region of North Waziristan located at Pak-Afghan border is indeed a safe haven to terrorist and Pakistan has lent a helping hand in operations of multiple terrorist organisations. They are also supporting the organisation’s that specifically target the Americans. Though, the current aid to Pakistan was applied to only a particular terrorist group: The Haqqani Network.

Along with blocking the aid to Pakistan, the US House of Representative has also passed a whopping 621.5 billion $ defence bill which proposes its advance cooperation defence with India. The defence spokesperson has defended this bid by saying that the US is the oldest democracy while India is arguably the world’s largest democracy and therefore this alliance is natural.


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