Your guide to make zombie costume

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What can be more interesting than doing the insane activities and use your free time, right! Well, if you are someone who love to try new things, if you always show thumbs up for theme based party then we have something crazy for you to try.

How about trying diy zombie costume and create that too by your own. Isn’t it a good deal?

Before starting the best zombie costume design, let’s list out the things you will need for this.

Wait, don’t go anywhere you can really create this zombie costumeeasily which will be cost effective as well. Let’s design your ever maniac costume. You need these things to make it count right.

• Any Old Shirt or T-Shirt
• Forgotten trouser
• Red and black colors
• Ketchup
• A little mud
• Anything else you can find which will make this look so dirty

Zombie T-Shirt 

diy zombie costume

Take your old T-shirt; it would be great if you can take a larger size to make it look more realistic. Now take one painting brush and put some paint on this, start painting this on your t shirt. The painted body parts can be shoulders, neck, arms and stomach, use your hand in a very light way to make it look realistic. You can use your hands too for the overall scary painting.

Now give it a complete makeover by doing the scratches on this with a knife or scissors, Do not use cut it completely just make scratch off to keep it look exactly what you want. Try to make three or four holes in the t shirt so that you can get a great zombie look.This diy zombie costume will make you to look alike the real zombie and create horror in surroundings.

Zombie Trouser 

You have the horrified t shirt, now it’s time to make zombie trouser, you can use the entire process of zombie t shirt making. After you have painted the trouser with red paint and ketchup. It’s time to spread some mud over this in a realistic manner. Make various holes on the trousers to get the obsessed look.

Cut down your trouser from the bottom, but you don’t need perfection make it imperfect. Yes, 5 inches from left side and 3 inches from right.

The Great Zombie Makeover 

Your costume is done. Now it comes to your zombie look take little things to make it perfect zombie look.

• Red and black face paint(You can use nail paints and ketchup too)
• Dark eye shadow
• Eyeliner (Black and Blue)
• Mascara
• Cotton

So you know what to do right make your one side face scariest. Put some wet cotton on your chin in your left ear. Make it fix. Now paint some red and black paint over it. Get ready to spread ketchup all over this.

Remember to use Black and red in same proportionate. After this, go for a very dark and scary makeup look.Your imagination can better do great efforts here. You are ready to join a zombie gang now.

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